Overview of black teas

Tea types produced depend upon their manufacturing process. They are generally classified on the degree of fermentation the tea leaves are allowed to undergo. The term fermentation is a misnomer in the tea manufacturing process. It actually denotes how much a tea is allowed to undergo enzymatic oxidation process by allowing the freshly picked tea […]

Should 7up go Back to its Original Formula – Yes

My opinion on the subject matter is yes 7-UP should go back to its origin & original formula. That is back to basics. Why you might asked? Well, the reasons are because it is embedded inside our conscious. When one mention 7-UP, the most probably answer the one will think off is a so smooth […]

The only way to Make Artichokes

This writer learned many years ago from her mother-in-law how to make stuffed artichokes. They are a family favorite and, though they take a bit of work, are well worth it. Artichokes in the northeast are not at their best all year. When they come into the grocery stores and are well priced, that is […]

The Difference between Drinks with Artificial Sweetener or Sugar

Most people drink the diet version of sodas these days, mainly because it contains very few calories and they think that artificial sweeteners are healthier than soft drinks containing sugar. If you look at it technically, sugar is still derived from natural sources, while artificial sweeteners are manufactured chemicals. Which would be healthier to drink? […]

Effect of Soft Drinks on Teeth and Bones

Soft drinks have long been thought of as a cause for brittle bones and teeth. They have a terrible reputation for causing multiple fractures, increasing the chance for osteoporosis, and yellow teeth, but some scientists think that these are just slanderous lies and that brittle bones can be caused by a number of things and […]

Best tea storage methods

Even when it comes to a simple cup of tea, many of us find ourselves looking at the economy and buying in bulk. However, when it comes to tea improper storage of bulk supplies can result in a smart move rewarded with flavorless, bland, and stale tea. Fret not though thrifty shopper! There is a […]

Make any cheap vodka taste better

It came in a cheap plastic bottle – check. It came in a BIG cheap plastic bottle – check. It only cost around 7 bucks – check. You got a lot virtually for free – check. It smells like a load of unwashed socks inside a dumpster full of nuclear waste – check. It tastes […]

Red Bull Cola Reviews

A review of Red Bull Cola. Price: $1.29- $2.99 US dollars a canSize: 8.4 to 12 fl. oz. cansWebsite: http://www.redbull.com/#page=Cola Red Bull has introduced it’s version of soda, a cola that is 100% natural. Red Bull has long been the leader in the energy drink market along with other heavy hitters such as Monster Energy […]

Green tea drinking advantages

The key to a longer and healthier life is just brewing in your cup! Yes indeed, just daily consumption of green tea can keep you in top form. Green tea helps you to increase alertness and stave off diseases immensely. In fact, a large amount of people prefer green tea these days as it is […]

Do Diet Drinks Make you Fatter

Today’s society eats far too much fast food. It is a fact now, one with many studies behind it and soda drinks are considered the fast food drink. While many were drinking these caffeinated, over sugared drinks some were gaining weight, due to both the food and drink. So diet pop was born. But now […]