The benefits of tea

The Chinese knew it over 5000 years ago, the Japanese 2000 years ago. The English discovered it during the 1800’s, tea connoisseurs and health experts know it today. “Tea does the Body Good”, to steal a line from its competiton. Tea, behind water, is the world’s second most consumed beverage. It is also nature’s wonder […]

Cocktails for a first Time Drinker

 Are you 21, or just turning 21? Want to go out and have a good time with your friends? Want to know what all the hype is about clubbing and bar hopping? What? You’ve never had a drink? Here’s a simple guide for anyone of legal age who is taking their first step into the […]

The best Coffee Cocktails and after Dinner Drinks

One of the most classic ways of creating an after dinner coffee drink is by using a method traditional to Irish Coffee. There are variations to suit all tastes, and as an after-dinner treat, these combine that satisfying aroma of coffee with warmth and the lip licking tinge of alcohol. It is also worth noting […]

Pu-erh tea profile up close

Pu-erh tea is touted as being one of the most unique, oldest and costliest of teas. Popular in China, for over 1,700 years, Pu-erh tea is brand new to the Western world. Before Western civilization began Pu-erh tea bricks were used for commerce as well as consumption. The ancient Chinese anecdotal sources consider Pu-erh to […]

Is Mountain Dew Addictive

What is an addiction? What makes something addictive? I’ve read many articles under this topic, and I’ve read many different opinions of these questions. If you’d ask me what an addiction was, I’d ask you to not drink coffee, not smoke a cigarette, or not drink beer for a day. You probably couldn’t do it. […]

Bacardi Rum through the Years

The essence of all things tropical, rum is far more than just a mixer for a drink or a flavoring for a bread pudding. A cultural phenomenon, this spirit cannot be extricated from a rich and glorious Hispanic tapestry of life, cuisine and mores. Just the word “rum” conjures images of swashbuckling pirates brandishing swords […]

Dr Pepper

I love soft drinks. It seems as if I need my daily intake of soft drinks in order to allow my brain to function as close to correctly as possible. Some I like more than others. There is nothing like the extra jolt of a sugar rush to invigorate the mind and spirit. I just […]

What is chai

Chai is the sweet, milky tea that everyone in India drinks cup after cup at any given time of the day. Chai is the Hindi word for tea, and in India often means just tea served with milk and sugar. However, and especially among tourists to India, the word chai is also used to mean […]

Cocktails Liquor

Cocktail parties are great fun, but the following morning can be a real headache if there was too much partying.  Besides the morning-after “yuck” factor, there are many reasons why people may choose a nonalcoholic alternative at a cocktail party.  Pregnancy, remaining sober, being the designated driver or simply choosing not to drink alcohol are […]