Butter Margarine Spreadable Melting Butter Lurpak

When it comes to butter I prefer those ones that really do taste like butter. There are two of them at the moment I usually buy: Lurpak and Sainsbury’s Buttersoft. I really like Buttersoft so most of the times I buy it from Sainsbury’s but when we do the shopping in Tesco I buy Lurpak. […]

Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers

Christmas and cheese make a wonderful combination. In England it is traditional to have a whole stilton cheese at Christmas. The English call Stilton “The King of Cheeses” and so your pocket might not run to a whole stilton cheese but, happily, there are lots of gift ideas for the cheese lover in your life. […]

Christmas Rum Balls

I like this story because it is true. I worked at Springs Industries for 25 years. It started out as Regent Mills and then changed hands. This is in Calhoun, GA. I worked in the dye house stacking rugs and then moved to dye weigher and kept it up for 17 years. I had a […]

Casual Dining near the Outlet Mall

 It was just one of those Saturdays at the cottage and we decided to take a ride down to the outlet malls in Tannersville. I knew that there was a brew pub somewhere in the area and I decided that this was where we were going to eat. Had I done a little research I […]

Bubble Pizza

Menu planning in my family is fraught with picky eaters, special diets and food restrictions.  Therefore, when I finally find a recipe that works for all of us, I cling to it tightly.  It gets printed and put in my special recipe book and eventually, it usually becomes engraved on my brain.  Bubble pizza is […]

Best Brands of Rum

For most North Americans, rum suffers from a conundrum of its own making. Outside of certain pockets of United States territory around the Gulf of Mexico and in the usual big-city specialty bars and upscale liquor stores, the selection of limited-edition, reserve-quality Caribbean rums dries up north of the Tropic of Cancer. Part of the […]

Baked Peaches Recipe

Every now and then, we come across a wonderful recipe that somehow transcends any specific mealtime. It is a dish that can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacktime, and even dessert, and one that never fails to please. It is a dish that everyone seems to love, hot or cold, and any time of […]

Beer Reviews Brouwerij Verhaeghe Duchesse De Bourgogne

I love sour beers. Admittedly, they’re not for everyone but the puckering complexity of a good spontaneously-fermented ale is a thing of beauty to me. The musty nose, full of earthy goodness, and a palate replete with the tart flavors of ripe fruit, cider, and herbal notes is a singular experience. I’ll be the first […]

An Overview of Beer Microbreweries in the United States

The microcrobrewing industry in USA is the largest segment of the craft beer industry. It is also the segment with the most rapid growth. The big three control 92 % of the American beer market with micro and imports sharing the rest. Microbrewers have moved past the import market and have started taking a bite […]

Beer Review Shepherd Neame Spitfire

I had to work down in London last week so obviously promised Mrs P that I wouldn’t be scooping up every night. With a straight face, I told her I wouldn’t be heading off to the pub at every opportunity and I certainly wouldn’t be pouring copious amounts of Youngs and/or Fullers down my neck. […]