Master Card

Master Card

If you’re interested in getting a Prepaid Master Card, you no doubt have many questions you want answered. In this article, I will go over a list of common questions asked about Prepaid Master Cards and answer them.

1. Who is qualified for the Prepaid Master Card?

TheĀ Prepaid Master CardĀ is offered to residents who live in the US, and can provide an address in the United States where the card can be shipped. Foreigners and US citizens who do not reside in the United States may receive a Prepaid Master Card if they have family or friends who have a US postal address where the card can be mailed. Any mail that you receive will have to be forwarded.

2. What is a Prepaid Master Card?

The Prepaid Master Card is a prepaid credit card which is issued by a FDIC bank which is insured. The card can be used at any Western Union or Money Gram. No minimum balance is necessary, and the card can also be loaded online. The card can be used at any place which accepts it, and they can be used at most ATMs.

3. How long will it take me to receive the card in the mail once it has been ordered?

You can expect the Prepaid Master Card to arrive to you within two to four business days after you have paid for it.

These are the most common questions asked by those considering getting the Prepaid Master Card. An initial fee will have to be paid in order to get the card itself. This is one of the things that separate the prepaid credit cards from the traditional cards.

In the past, most credit cards have been mailed to the consumers free of charge. The credit card companies added the balance to the card, and it was the responsibility of the consumer to pay back whatever they borrowed.

With prepaid credit cards, the consumers themselves must now pay a fee in order to get the cards. This creates a situation which benefits both the credit card companies and the consumer. The consumer gets the Prepaid Master Card and must add the balance themselves. The credit card companies benefit by profiting from the initial payment made.

The Prepaid Master Card gives excellent advantages to those who want the convenience of credit cards without the debt involved. You’re in control your spending, and set the limits on how much you choose to spend.

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