Should 7up go Back to its Original Formula – Yes

My opinion on the subject matter is yes 7-UP should go back to its origin & original formula. That is back to basics. Why you might asked? Well, the reasons are because it is embedded inside our conscious. When one mention 7-UP, the most probably answer the one will think off is a so smooth & refreshing soft drink. Well it did invent the phrase UN-Cola, when everybody else is jumping and placing their bets on becoming another cola. It did tried however to competes with Coca Cola and Pepsi but somehow it get nowhere and the UN-cola got stuck and remains until today. Not to intrusive and overpowering. Yes I do drank Coke, Pepsi and others, but when mentions 7-UP it do concoct an air of exclusivity compares to others.

In Coca Cola and Pepsi are considers the big and bad boys in the soft drink industry. The are everywhere and available 24/7 and sometimes it does get on your nerve. And sometimes you got the feelings of being bullied by them. It is as if the world is only them and nothing else matters. Either by one going to a restaurants or fountains this two big boys will tend to dominates. whether in McDonald’s, Burger Kings or KFCs, they are everywhere.

But it is different when one compares to 7-UP. It is consider as a family fun driven drink. It conjure an image of your friendly next door neighbour. When you have stomachache, we will consume it. It rejuvenates you and sooth your stomach. Children loves them as it less gassy than the others. The Bubbles it makes when we drank it as it wash our throat on a hot day will guarantee will turn a bad day into a good one.

Like any good products, 7-UP got mixed up and try so called reinvent itself by introducing other products such as Cherry 7 Up, Pomegranate 7 Up, Diet Cherry 7 Up, Diet 7 Up and others but somehow it does not resonate with consumers. We preferred the tried and truly tested.
That’s why they must and should go and comeback to its origin. Whatmore they are the only brands with a cool mascot named Fido Dido compares to Coca Cola and Pepsi.

Now how cool is that for a definition cool?…

I love 7 Up. Bring it on everyday & everywhere. What remains cool will forever be cool.

I love 7-Up !